Thursday, November 5, 2009

[Epistles] philoshoper advise

My advise to you my friend, is getting married.
if you find a good wife, then you are happy..
else, you become a philosopher..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

[Epistles] Snow White And The Magic Mirror

Once upon a time there was a snow white who just wake from her deep slumber by a kiss from prince charming. she so happy once she open her eyes she see a very handsome prince right in front of her and all the dwarves overjoys as the curse is lifted

Hence, she goes back to the prince castle and live there.. and the story starts here.. the story about the magic mirror that cause all the trouble..

As soon as the magic mirror knows that Snow White’s cursed has been lifted.. he search with endlessly effort to be with the Snow White.. As he is not as perfect as he used to be, broken and smashed by the wrath of the dark witch, nevertheless, the strong will of his heart to be with Snow White never wither..

Day by days, weeks by weeks, he travel and travel, search and search for the whom he really adore in his entire life.. Finally in one night on the late falls, he finally find what he looking for, Snow White..

He begged for Snow White to accept him.. an old broken mirror who only good at talking somehow manages to win Snow White heart.. so she takes the mirror home with her, and hang him on her wall.. the mirror was so happy that time, he couldn’t ask more in his life..

Everyday gazing at the girl he adore, singing her beautiful melody and tells her how beautiful she look everyday. With simple thing like that, he manages to mend the cracked, and shine brighter that he used to be..

However Snow White thinks of the mirror not more than her property. She still plays with the dwarves.. she lives the days like she use to.. Without fail, the mirror keep adore Snow White for a very long times..

Come on days, the mirror realize what he was doing and his love for the Snow White nothing more than a love of a possession to his master.. the mirror feels like betray and decide to cast away all of his feeling and he starting to shut his mouth, day by days the number of adoring rhymes begins to fades.. Until one days, the mirror silence from all of the singing he use to sing in hope that Snow White realize what she has done, abandoning the one who really adore her..

During the second falls, Snow White realize changes about the mirror, he was not as joyful as he used to be, Snow White begins to worry as she missed all those beautiful rhyme she used to had, now becoming less and less and starting to disappear..

She ask the mirror,

“oh, magic mirror, why don’t you be like how you use to be”

Almost cry by the question, he realized that Snow White miss him, the mirror replied,

“nothing my dear, it just I’m very busy lately”

“oh magic mirror, don’t you be silly, how could a mirror like you being so busy ? “ ..

Since then, Snow White begin to change, she pays attention to the mirrors more. But it is too late for the magic mirror. His magic begin to fade, as the glass begins to cracked.. Snow White hunger for the sing, the jokes, the adoring the mirrors showered her.. the hunger turns to anger, she yells, she abuse the mirrors, she push him to do what he used to do.. the mirror did what he used to do but heartless.. As long as his princess is happy, he willing to takes all the Snow White anger.. however, Snow White fail to notice the mirror beginning to crack little by little..

As one night come the third falls since the mirror found her, his magic is near depleted.. he turning back as the first time he meets with Snow White.. he is no longer magical mirror, slowly becoming like an ordinary mirror.. and he say to the Snow White..

“I had showered you with all my kindness and my love, all I ask was a single appreciation, what should I do to earn yours Snowie ? “

“I have hang you on my wall, I have picked you from the dirty place you use to live, isn’t that enough to satisfy you?” …

“But Snowie, could you treat me gently, like a person that you love?”

“Don’t be silly, you are just a talking mirror.. Just do what you do best.. talking, could you say or sing something beautiful for me before I sleep.. isn’t that what your existence purpose?”

With the pale smile, and a broken feeling, the mirror gather all his might and magic, to sing Snow White one last song.. A very beautiful song that Snow White fell asleep with it..

And then the next day comes as Snow White wakes from her bed and she look on her wall, the mirror has gone, and what remains is the piece of the glass shatter on the floor..

Snow White realize that the mirror has gone forever.. as she gathered the broken glass, she accidentally cut her finger and bleed.. and she remember one of the rhyme that the mirrors sang to her last night..

“love is like collecting piece of broken glass,
Some people can collect all of them,
Some people can’t,
But while collecting them, there always someone who get hurt”- magic mirror


Friday, August 14, 2009

[Epistles] we are a freedom writer? are we?

we wrote so that people will read
and the freedom of writing seems to hate us
our word will never be from our heart

as a writer
I'm chained by thousand of restrictions..
I'm cuffed by angers, negative criticize and hated looks..
I do have my feeling for me let it go..
I do have my heart i need to burst..

cuffed my mind..
chain my heart..
as freedom is no longer mine..
and satisfaction is no longer my desire..
as it bound of restriction..

as the tears of a writer are not shows in the eyes..
it shows on its rusty pens..

since when i despise writing so much..
the memory of it seems so dim..

p/s: a full understanding of this articles is needed before questioning the authors..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[Artwork] eb-lovestory

"hehehe~ i just install back my AP CS2, kinda old skool, everyone seems using CS3 or CS4 rite now, but i still stick with CS2.. and why is that ?? i dun have da installer.. duh~~

anyway.. just sketching something.. my gurl and i both has been sick this week.. and everywhere we go.. they seems to ask.. is it H1N1 ?? well, if it is that flu, will i and my gurl be loitering around and coughing at everybody rite now?

for sure the gov will take us inside "test lab" and stick us so someone else dun get this b4b1 flu wouldnt it ?? anyway, take care of ur body and have a nice day..

hereby i present eb-lovestory" - i'm too lazy to write another comment so computer magic shortcut" ctrl-A, ctrl-C, ctrl V" from my devvi wil do

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[Love Letter] Appreciation

when you receive a gift from someone, u should appreciate them
i know this seems kinda late, cause of a lot of stuff happen that keep hindering me to do so..
i wish i could do sooner...

appreciation is a word to thank someone or something
da someone is my little marshermerrow..
da something are my birthday cake and 1000 love poem she gave me

i really love both of em... both my marshermerrow and my gifts..
i wish you could make me some more in near future..
a million thanks to you for the present...
and sorry cause i really bad at showing excited expression..
but i do really love em..

da 1 note per day :
4th July - when someone cares it is easier to speak, it is easier to listen, it is easier to play, it is easier to work. when someone cares, it is easier to laugh
5th July - Love bears all things, believe all things, hope all things, endure all thing, love never ends.
6th July - Where there's great love, there are always miracle - willa cather
7th July - i keep thinking of you every few minutes all day.
8th July - not only do i want to spend today with you, my love, but tomorrow, the day after, and the very last day i'm given
9th July - In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities
10th July - Although i have lamp and fire, stars, moon and sun to give me light, unless i look into your eyes, all is dark night - Bhartrhani
11th July - Love may not make he world go around, but i must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile - Sean Connery
12th July - You have intensified all colours, heightened all beauty, deepen all delight, i love you more than life, my beauty, my wonder
13th July - Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. - Shakespeare
14th July - Whoever lives true live, will love true love - Elizabeh Barreth Browning
15th July - If you find it in your hear to care for someone else, you will have succeeded - Maya Angelou


and my favorites quote so far is "9th July - In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities "
i couldnt agree more to this one..
love make someone strong, make someone ready..
by loving you i keep myself strong against every challenge..
love grew someone, mature their mind...
by loving you i've grew for this past 2 years..
you give me hope to live, and future to catch into..
i put my mind into having a brighter future..
i grew strong each and every day with you by my side..
something that seems so dim so impposible for me to have 3 years ago..

when you have some one you care.. you change..
i change.. love change me into a better man..
you change me into a better person..

in front of my monitor is me typing
inside of me is my heart beating
deep in my heart carved your name
never shall it lost and never shall it wither..

i pray to god to ease the road we are taking
to make us together close to each other forever
to make us believe in our future to be brighter
to live our life to the fullest
and to prosper in everything that we do..
with a good mind, health and great friends..
let us live without a tiny regrets..
i love my hun with all my heart..

a million thank for such a wonderfull gifts

your love


Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Siri Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] Couple or Trouble - Part 3 End


Once upon a time, in a land far far far away kingdom..
there life two lovely couple..
one is him and one is her..

they love each other like they will live for thousand years..
they sang, reads, talks, tales each other..
they play and play and play without caress about no other else..
they sulk completely in their own little happy world..

within their fun, one thing led to another, they slips..
his lust over her and her love over him..
desire wins against thought and thought lost against lust..

he jeopardize his relationship over a foolish act..
and the act brings her carrying a burden that she not really ready..
she didnt see it, he didnt catch it..
a piece of meat exist inside that gurl..
for she is sin with what she has done..
and he is gloom for what he has create..

so his body unable to move,
his mouth unable to talks..
he sit in his rooms with regrets..
forget to call her, forget to sees her..
he keep his despair all for his own

a life that is wise, that is beauty, that is cares for each other life..
think of unthoughtful things, do an undo able act..

she takes her steps, she put it on the bars..
she had her chicks wet..
she hold her belly, she close her eyes..
she jumps over a windows with what inside her..
she smash the ground with one dying words of whom she love..

his days are not the same without her..
there no more juliet, laila, aphrodite, venus or isabella..
he left alone with thousands of regrets..
what a lonely rabbits.. a lonely rabbits..

he grabs a rope, tight it to the fans..
he plan a chair below the hanging..
he eyes watered with sadness..
he couldnt bare looking at place he goes with her
he couldnt bare reminiscing her smile..
he couldnt bare silence phone, no rings, no calls..
he couldnt bare the sound of her echoing throughout his head, day and night..

he sad with every thought he thinks..
every breath he takes..
he couldnt smile.. he couldnt eat.. he couldnt sleep..
this is his last resort.. while the rope is put around his neck..
his whisper his peace to death that awaits him..
"shall all heaven hates me, and all hells burns me..
shall the god anger me, shall angel despise me..
let it be like that, as long as i could she her again..
my happyness will be complete..
i'm coming to where you go my love..

the end.. the end..

"it is beautiful, but mask with impurity,
it is fun, but shadowed with sorrow,
when it sad, people forget bout the happy,
because of it, we have hope for tomorrow..

while love is in the air,
and while we do it, we do it from our heart,
until we lost someone we care,
it to late to remember how its start..

so love like it is your first,
and treats them likes it your end.. " eb - epistles

p/s: wise brain, will not confirm a wise decision..

"whooaa~~ this is unexpectingly gloom~~ T_T" - tsukamoto tenma

Monday, June 1, 2009

[Siri Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] Couple or Trouble - Part 2.1


malam yg sepi pi pi..
mamat jual roti ti ti..
roti yg enak nak nak...

jam baru menunjukkan pukul 10 malam.. tapi bangunan admin yg vintage (read:usang) terasa sunyi..
disebabkan ade kerja, terpaksela latipah (aku x pasti mak guard ke pekerje admin) stay back..
kesejukan melanda sampai ke tulang disebabkan dek air cond..
dalam kealfanaan (ade ke ayat nie) beliau membuat kerja, tetibe talipon berbunyik..

kringgg kringgg kringggg (sfx: bunyik tepon la, x kan bunyik loceng beskal)

latipah pun angkat ...
latipah : yelloww~
?????? : ......
latipah : yellowww, mei i no wu sepi king ? (may i know who speaking)
?????? : .......... haaa haaa (sfx: bunyik napas)
latipah : oittt, jangan main-main!!!
?????? : tttoolooongg!!!
latipah : nie sape ? ko jangan main-main bole x ?
?????? : tttoloonggg!!! toloongg aku!!!

pelepappp (sfx: latipah letak tepon)

kringgggg krinngggg krinnggg

latipah nekad, die x nak angkat tepon walau ape pun jadik,
die terus kemas barang-barang die untuk balik...
x sempat latipah nak membuka bunga untuk langkah seribu watson nyambek..
semua telipon kat admin berbunyik serentakkk


sekian, terime kasih

conclusion cite nie:
kalau stay kat opis memalam, off hand set, nanti ade orang call nanti

Monday, May 18, 2009

[Siri Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] Couple or Trouble - Part 2.0

hohohoho~ malam nie pakcik datang lagi dengan sambungan cite panjang berjela semalam
adik-adik tdo bukak lampu x semalam? jage-jage dengan kipas yerr..

kejadian yg aku nak cite nie, dari sebelah murni plak,
murni tue ape? die adelah sebuah apartment untuk wanita2 dan pengkid bersemayam
nie kawan aku sendiri yg cerite(pengalaman die la)

malam tue, memang sunyi, mcm tader ape-ape bunyik pun,
lisa (mcm biase bukan name sebenar, bla bla bla) terpakse stay up malam tue,
banyak lagi rss feed yg nak kene check,
gambar2 kluar ngan member2 malam tadi x upload lagi kat fesbuk,
dah la esok kelas pukul 8:00 pagi
mate lisa dah mule sebal, badan mule letih..

tetibe, tingkap bilik lisa terbukak sendikit, maybe sebab angin malam kut
sebab rase dingin yang kian menjamah tulang rusuk sebelah kanan lisa,
lisa pun ngan perasaan kemalasan-melanda-jiwaku bangun menutup tingkap..
sebaik saje lisa mengapai tangannye menutup tingkap
PRANNGGGGGGGG!!!!!! (sfx: bunyik tingkap terbukak besar)
lisa pun dengan berpikiran habis positif yg tingkapnye terbukak kerana angin,
mengeluarkan separa badan untuk menutup tingkap...
dalam pada tertonggeng2 lisa cuba mencapai pemengang tingkap itu

angin bertiup kencang, membuatkan rambut lisa menari-nari dibawa bayu
lisa bagaikan di kawal oleh sebuah remote control,
dipandukan mukanya ke arah tepi dan tatkala itu lisa terpaku dengan permandangan yg dilihatnya

helai helaian rambut panjang terbang mengikut angin,
desebalik rambut itu, tersembuyik seraut wajah,
yang mengerikan~
kulit mukanya hitam, mata seolah tersembul keluar,
namun sempat jugak akira-chan (kite namekan die akira-chan la yer) menyimpul senyuman kepada lisa
keadaan akira-chan yg sedang bertingguk di tebing tingkap di sebalah biliknya
(read: tingkat kat ruang tamu tue)
deretan gigi yg tidak teratur tue membuatkan lisa kaget, tidak bergerak
pandangan matanya tidak dapat dialihkan dari muka akira-chan..

ZASSSS!!! akira-chan melompat dari tebing tingkap itu ke bawah
lisa tanpa dapat mengawal, diekori penglihatanya ke arah akira-chan
yg berguguran jatuh ke bawah..
seperti terpukau, sekali lagi lisa memandang tebing tingkat yg sama,
dan terlihat olehnya keadaan yg sama seperti tadi..
akira-chan masih lagi bertinguk die atas tebing tersengeh kepadanya..
kemudian melompat semula ke bawah.. seperti melihat pita ulang tayang semula,
aksi yg sama..
berulang buat kali ke tiga
ke empat
ke lima

lisa pitam... pandangannya kabur...
sesedarnya lisa, dia sudah terbaring di atas lantai..
dengan tingkap biliknya yg terbukak,
cahaya matahari mengejutkannya..

petang hari itu, lisa di sahkan menghidapi demam oleh doktor despensari ilsas
dan beliau terlepas kelas-kelas pagi beliau...

ade cite lagi pasal lisa, nak sambung dalam post nie mcm panjang berjela karang
so aku sambung esok la... pada aku, taderla menakutkan sangat,
sebab bukan kat cendawan kut mase tue... kuakuakuakuakua~~

"lisa dalam cite nie xde kaitan pun dengan saye.. " - lisa surihani

Sunday, May 17, 2009

[Siri Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] Couple or Trouble - Part I

sebab apsal entah aku obses ngan cite2 tido bukak lampu nie..
so aku nak cite pasal kisah kat Uniten plak.. keh keh keh

13 Ghost Story Inside UNITEN!!! (sfx: lagu star wars)
sebenarnyer 13 tue aku bubuh je nombor tue,
aku pun lupe ade bape ghost story aku tau..
jadik kat aku, kawan aku, kawan kepade kawan aku,
kawan aku punye sedare punye kawan,
gulpren kawan aku punye osmet punye kawan punye boypren,
makcik dobi, makcik cleaner, residen apartment, lecturer,
dan juge mambang tanah..

(cite aku dengar nie, senior aku cite mase aku 1st sem,
olahan gaye aku, senior aku siyes cite kat aku)

Hamid (bukan name sebenar, name sebenar hamid aku tatau ape)
baru masuk bilik cendawan tingkat 10, bilik dekat ngan lif...
mase memule hamid masuk, die pun kemas la bilik die,
susun katil, laci kecik, barang2 yg di bawak dari kampung..
mase nak alihkan katil, tetibe die nampak ade kesan darah kat belakang katil..
dengan pikiran yg positive, hamid ingat tue darah kucing ke tikus ke,
so die pun ngan perasaan memaki hamun akak cleaner membersihkan kesan darah tue..

dan malam pun menjelma, lepas penat satu hari mengemas,
hamid pun terasa nak tidor.. ditutupnye lampu dan labuhlah punkoqnye ke atas katil..
sebab petukaran masa dan kawasan yg mengejut jadik hamid agak payah nak tdo..
make ade nye mate si hamid terkebil2 dalam keangananye..

dalam samar2 gelap, hamid pun tengok kat kipas..
ade sekujur tubuh, tergantung, terjuntai, terpusing..
layu mengikut arah kipas berputaq..
seorang mambang lelaki gantung dalam bilik hamid

hamid tenang, mempraktikkan ilmu yg dituntutnye dari bapanye
hamid masih ingat pesan bapanye,
"jangan tegur, tdo je"
hamid pun menarik gebor lalu tido dengan perasan memaki hamun makhluk terjuntai itu

dengan perasaan lemah dan longlai dan pilu dan sayu dan asyik asyik asyikkkk!!!
hamid melangkah masuk ke dalam kamar beradu,
kali nie ujian mambang lagi dasyatt, x sempat hamid nak landing
lepas tutup lampu je, mambang tue terus tergantung di atas kipas
bak kate pepatah barat - merry go round again tonight
hamid terkejut dengan scenery yg begitu mengerunkan kakinye hingga "mengeletar"

nak x nak, hamid terpakse melintas mambang hangman itu untuk ke
tilam cendawan keras nak mampus untuk mempraktikan ilmu bapanya..
sambil hamid lalu ditepi mambang hangman, matenye bagai terpanggil
melihat kalau-kalau mambang tue hensem ke idak,
pakai sluar ke kain pelikat, baju jenis quicksilver ke bilabong ke..
lalu menoleh mambang itu adenye hamid

matanyer terbukak!!! @.@ <--- ekspresi mate mambang terbukak

GEDEGANG!!! hamid beradu di atas lantai malam itu ye kawan2

TIGA BELAS HARI SELEPAS ITU(dah panjang aku cite nie)
disebabkan hamid dah x tahan dengan kejadian aneh nie,
hamid pun merujuk kepada aman (<--- senior aku nie, senior aku nie!!! bukan name sebenar, name sebenar die aku tatau, aku panggey die reno je dulu)

hamid: aku dah x tahan la duduk dalam bilik tue.
hamid: hari first nampak orang gantung (read: hang man)
hamid: hari second die bukak mate, pastu senyum, ngilai
hamid: sekarang nie dah mule berborak-borak
hamid: die borak-borak tue aku dah x tahan..
(hamid bergolek2 diatas lantai sambil menghentak kepale di bucu pintu rumah aman)
aman: die sembang ape ngan ko med?
hamid: aku xtau, sebab asal die mule nak sembang je, aku pengsan
aman: occay la, mcm nie, plan A: ko jangan bukak kipas, ko bukak je tingkap mase tdo, plan B: kalau x jalan, ko tdo je kat ruang tamu (cendawan ade katil tambahan mase tue), takpun kalau ko takut, ko tdo je ngan aku..
hamid: bagus cadangan ko tue aman, nanti aku praktikkan..
aman: aku kan tok guru.. mwahahahaha
(aman meletakkan tangan kiri diatas dada dan menegakkan tangan kanan menuju ke arah loteng sambil gelak selame 20 minit tanpa henti, mwahahaha X 20 minit)


acah je, aku cite balik, abiskan... (occay, tader sape gelak)

hamid, dengan muke berlagak macam baru lepas menang lumbe kuda 4X400 pulang kerumah, perasaan riak, takbur, bangga diri, lupe diri dan asyik asyik asyikkkk!!!
masuk ke dalam bilik, hamid tidak menghidupkan kipasnye, membuka tingkapnye,
dan baring ke atas katil.. angin sejuk malam pun besh gak tdo..

1:05pm .. schnieder x muncul (kite namekan mambang tue schnieder la yer)
1:10pm .... schnieder pun tiada kelibatnye nak mengantung diri
1:15pm ..... hamid ngantuk, maka kuyulah matenye hendak tdo
1:16:00pm ..... kreeek~~ kreekk~~ (sfx: kipas berpusing)
1:16:10pm ... kipas pusing makin laju, mate hamid terbelolok memandang kipas angkernya
1:16:20pm ... schnieder muncul kembali, dengan pusingan maut di bawah hayunan kipas selaju 15km/jam

hamid lompat dari katilnya, berlari keluar dari bilik puaka niang rapik
dirempuhnya badan schnieder hingga tepusing sonsang dari arah paksi counter-clockwise kipas,
kemudian dirempuhnya pintu biliknya hingga berlubang
kemudian menhentam dinding depan biliknya hingga retak..
(perenggan atas nie aku reka je sebab mcm lagi dramatik je
senior aku cakap die lari keluar bilik sambil menjerit2 je)

perasaan bengang, marah, kamjad ko hamid!!!! osmet hamid keluar dari bilik
melihat hamid yg mengigil2, osmet hamid x sampai ati nak royal rumblekan hamid
lalu di tanye mengapa.. hamid menceritakan segala-galanya..
perasaan simpati, kasihan, terkucil sedikit, cuak, osmet hamid pun mengambil keputusan,

"pada malam ini! tanggal XX haribulan X tahun XXXX,
kami empat orang lelaki yang kacak dan gagah perkasa,
tidur di ruang tamu bersama2" - salah seorang osmet hamid, "mengeletar"

maka tidor la kat ruang tamu mereka-mereka itu pada malam itu

pelepapppp!!! (sfx: suis lampu ditutup)

maka mereka pun tdo ngan perasaan gusar..
schnieder muncul kembali,
terbeloloq mate empat2 lelaki macho gagah perkasa melihat keanggunan
pusingan keramat schnieder, pusingan same, counter clock wise,
tergantung atas kipas, mata terbukak, mengilai2, tapi...
kali ini di ruang tamu pula
(yesh, sume orang nampak mambang hangman tue)

ENDING DAYS (aku promise dah nak abis nie)
lepas kejadian tue, sume orang pindah dari rumah puaka niang rapik tersebut
namun malang bagi hamid, schnieder x pernah melepaskan hamid,
kemana hamid tdo, maka tdor la schnieder diatas kipas hamid..
diikutnye hamid kemane-mane (senior aku cakap, rumah kg pun schnieder ikut)
ape kesudahan cite hamid dan schnieder ??

senior aku x cite, sebab kalau hamid datang rumah die nak tumpang tido,
senior aku akan kunci pintu sambil menyorok kat bawah meja..
(lepas senior aku abis cite, ade orang ketuk pintu rumah die
aku ngan senior aku pun sorok bawah meja, sebab ingat hamid datang,
rupe-rupenye resident apartment datang buat sportcheck penduduk haram,
aku cakap schnieder duduk haram, resident tue x caye lak.. siot je)

sebab tue la tingkat 10, 2 sem tutup, xde sape bole sewa apartment tue,
banyak kes aku dengar kat tingkat tue selain schnieder, nanti la aku cite..
pastu yg lebih meyakinkan aku yg cite aman nie betul,
sebab memang ade ustaz yg duduk kat tingkat tue, die sorang je..
tiap-tiap malam lepas isya' aku nampak die akan naik ke bilik die..

aku 3 hari gak la tdo bukak lampu dan tutup kipas, siall ko aman!!!!!!!

owh, nape ade part I kat title tue, sebab ade part II nanti

tu bee kon ti nuw......

cendawan : name cute cendekiawan dulu dulu
katil luar: dulu satu apartment ade 5 katil, satu letak luar dekat tempat belajar..
gebor : selimut atau cadar

Saturday, May 16, 2009

[Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] - One Miss Call

tarikh : tidak di dalam ingatan
mase : senja, (6.30pm - 7.00pm)
lokasi : 3rd floor, site office OAS, P/jaya
lain-lain : 3 orang kat floor, tgh tolong siapkan assg cekin

aku balik lambat haritue, keje berlambak (SRS). mase tue maghrib pun
awal, so kat luar pun makin gelap. dah la aku ni rabun ayam,
maghriblah paling teruk kadar kenampakan aku. Mr dude pun chow, and
pahmi ajak aku main konter (read: Counter Strike). sebab aku nak
jumpe kawan aku, aku pun cakap xnak.

"ti ti ti tii tii.. tidi titi tidi.. we're getting almost ever.." (sfx: ringtone)
sape lah plak call aku nie, kuar name adik.

aku pun angkat la tanpe banyak bicare..

eb: "yo adik, ape cer ?" ^3^
adik: "tader, cekin kate nak jumpe ko arinie, die dah call? "
eb: "tader call pun, cube ko tanye die" ^-^
adik: "occay nanti aku call die"

pelapap (sfx: letak phone)

selang 5 minit :


selang 10 minit :

AKU!!! SI******LLL!!! COUNTER TERRORIST WIN AGAIN!!! (sfx: pahmi kalah)

5 minit kemudian :
MUDAH NI PUN KO XLEH NAK MENANG KE (sfx: aku terjebak main konter)

(ulang sfx: ring tone)

kuar name adik lagi sekali. kaco jela adik nie..

????: hello, busy ke? (sore wanita)
eb: tader la tgh wat keje skit, nape?? >3> <-- sambil main konter
????: nanti kite jumpe ek, nanti saye datang sane
eb: occay, datan... pelapap (sfx: telepon off sebelum aku sempat abis cakap) OoO" <-- ekpressi terkejut

(ulang sfx main konter balik) X 3

(ulang sfx telepon aku bunyik)

name adik the return kuar lagi. kaco the return lagi

adik: weyh eb, cekin kate die ade hal arr, x dapat jumpe
eb: err, tadi die cakap nak datang sini -_-"
adik: die call ko ke, hs die tader kredit..
eb: yer la die call aku pakai henset ko, deeee -_-"
adik: eyhh, aku kat opis aku, mane die nak call pakai hs aku..
eb: die pakai hs ko la, ade dalam call log aku nie, jap aku check O.O
adik: baikk ko che.. pelepaapp

(sfx: aku letak phone plak, padan muke adik)

aku check log aku balik, memang ade 3 nombor adik..

tuut tuut tuut tuut (sfx: aku call adik)

eb: WEYYY!!! no ko la call aku tadii..
adik: aku kat opis, cekin kat rumah die, mcm mane die nak call pakai phone aku..
eb: ko jangan nak BANG BANG BOOM aku lak, enggak lucu tue :|
adik: taperla, ade orang lain yg nak cekin siapkan keje tue, tue yg die call ko.. nanti...

pelepap (sfx: aku letak phone lagi)

mistery nusantara:
1. sape yg call aku?
2. sape yg nak jumpe aku?
3. aku cakap ngan sape?
4. sape bole jawap soalan aku ?
5. adekah patut aku tampar adek dengan kelajuan cahaya sebab cakap pasal "orang lain" dikala senja menyinsing ?

"unkel xdapat nak tolong deq "

sfx = sound effect
adik = name die adik, die bukan adik aku, mcm abang kesepian la lebey kurang, ade abang tapi die bukan abang sume orang. tapi ahmad halim tue abang ahmad bakhtiar
gambar unkel = icon misteri rakyat tempatan
konter strike = kitorang main 15 minit je, pastu sambung wat keje, betul, x tipu
CHECKITT!! CHECKITT = bunyik reload

Friday, May 8, 2009

[numb3rs] Coincidence ??

Is this a coincidence or not, see the last 2 post, and the time
see the time posting i made bout number earlier
12:20 pm and 11:10 am~ lol~ and i'am writing this at 12:31 pm..

1 2 3 and 1 ~~~

number @.@~~~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

[numb3rs] 22

damn, i wish i just get over with the damn number, guess whut ?? the statement about the guardian angel will play with number after u realize the fact that they has been playing with 11:11. they will make you to pay attention too number like 1:23, 3:21, 12:34, 2:22, 1.33 or something like that.

as for today, i wake up at 7.11 am, and on the way to office (read: balik dari antar minyak kat sai), it is 9:22, balik dari makan 10:22, and before lunch i notice 12:22... damn those number !!! it is number that haunting me now. .

i hope this is just my mind toying with the highly emotion on the numbers.. i decide to change the tag to numbers, not epistles anymore

[numb3rs] 1111

kadang-kadang bile aku balik rumah memalam, or aku tgk jam kat kete, or kat pc or kat mane2, aku selalu terperasan angka 11:11pm or meter kete aku tunjuk 1111, so memule aku ingat bende nie coincidence. tapi lepas aku belek2, kenyataannye amat mengejut kan

ape bende nie ? aku pun x paham, tapi lepas aku carik2 kat internet and bace2 certain artikel, aku terjumpe yg berbillion2 orang dalam dunia nie mengalami keadaan yg same.

adakah bende nie kebetulan or semacam sign or ape yg dibincangkan nie mejangkaui batas, yg pastinye spell 11:11 nie dah x berkesan kat aku dah, sebab aku rase lepas nie, aku akan alert kepada jam bile pukul 11, and kalau aku nampak lagi nombor nie, maybe aku sendiri yg tunggu bukan kebetulan lagi (anyway, kebetulan atau tidak, aku tgk jam pukul 3:21pm warghhh~ wargghh~)

so aku buat sikit research tentang nombor ini, dan ape yg aku dapat simpulkan adalah bende ini mungkin kebetulan atau ada sesuatu yg sedang ingin bercakap kepada kite ape akan berlaku pada 11/11 (maybe 2011)

beberape ayat dari al-quran mengenai 11:11 or 11

"Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani." - Al-Faatihah(1) : ayat 1

"Kecuali orang-orang yang sabar dan mengerjakan amal soleh maka mereka itu akan beroleh keampunan dan pahala yang besar. " Hud(11) : ayat 11

"Binasalah kedua-dua tangan Abu lahab, dan binasalah ia bersama!" - Al-Masad (111) : ayat 1

surah-surah yg mempunyai 11 ayat dan ayat terakhir surah2 tersebut (read: ayat 11):

Al-Jumu'ah - "Dan apabila mereka mengetahui kedatangan barang-barang dagangan (yang baharu tiba) atau (mendengar) sesuatu hiburan, mereka bersurai (lalu pergi) kepadanya dengan meninggalkan engkau berdiri (di atas mimbar - berkhutbah). Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad:" Pahala - balasan) yang ada di sisi Allah, lebih baik dari hiburan dan barang-barang dagangan itu; dan Allah sebaik-baik pemberi rezeki. " Al-Jumu'ah (62) : ayat 11

Al-Munaafiquun - "Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak sekali-kali akan melambatkan kematian seseorang (atau sesuatu yang bernyawa) apabila sampai ajalnya; dan Allah Amat Mendalam PengetahuanNya mengenai segala yang kamu kerjakan. " Al-Munaafiquun(63) " : ayat 11

Adh-Dhuha - "Adapun nikmat Tuhanmu, maka hendaklah engkau sebut-sebutkan (dan zahirkan) sebagai bersyukur kepadaNya. " Adh-Dhuha (93) : ayat 11

Al-'Aadiyaat - "Sesungguhnya Tuhan mereka Maha Mengetahui dengan mendalam tentang (balasan yang diberikanNya kepada) mereka - pada hari itu. " Al-'Aadiyaat (100) : ayat 11

Al-Qaari'ah - "(Haawiyah itu ialah): api yang panas membakar. " Al-Qaari'ah (101) : ayat 11

source :
1. click here - terjemahan al-quran - malay
2. did u see 11:11 - guardian clock ??

Q: ape pendapat islam mengenai perkara ini ? ade sesape bole jawap ?

Monday, April 20, 2009

[Love Letter] The Unforgiven

Shall I write you bundles lines of romance?
None will describe the whole tons of my feeling..
Shall I whisper you my happyness by being near you?
No words will be as equals as spoken within my heart
Shall my action be gentler in front of you?
None will surpass what I am doing behind you

If my words hurts you,
I hope u know that my throats bleed while I speak
If my action cold towards you,
I hope u realize that I feel like my heart currently are ripped out from my chest
If I ever see you cry because of me,
I hope u can see my bones crush inside of my body

Sometimes when I look at you,
I feel like thousands of arrow piercing my body
I feel weak, feel destroyed, and feel eternality pain…
Not because I hate you, because I hate myself
For what I did, for what I will do…

I know I wronged with so many wronged,
I deserve to be punished by all kind of punishment

I love you so much
I love you until every single word you say hurt me
I love you until I perish by every little thing u do
I love you until I wish I could …. love you more

If loving you mean decaying my days
Then let me at least love you until the end of it
If loving you mean destroying my body
Then let me at least love you just from my heart
If loving you is forever
Then let me at least be forever yours

What ever is takes, I like to tell you this
It hurt to be hated…
And what hurt me the most is..
To be hated by you


- the sinner, eb

Friday, April 10, 2009

[life hack] Art of Courtship - Introduction (for men)

Few years ago when i found this word "courtship", i wonders whats it mean, and why it is use
on "man courting woman". Is it becuase the woman done something illegal and the man have to
bring her to court for the misdone? as i came accross it usage in guild 2 (Damn Jowood!! why
dont u realease something that actually you can play without bug) a couple month ago. currently i am
move to write about courtship on what i learn and experience.

courting women means to win a woman affection towards oneself (read: man) and usually leads
to marriage. (see further explanation)

Requirement one is compulsory, do not attempt this with your friends or family..
you will make yourself look like cheap bastard flirt-rascalling with random gurls..

bare in mind, today world is not like some middle age year where white-horse-prince-with-a-shining-armor year, its a year where mind, wealth wins. so prepare the preemptive attack well.

1. have a light conversation, do not rush thing. saying something nice, sweet, memorable, unthinkable. for me, simple word will do the trick, dont push your luck to high with romance strike like "i think ur father is a theft because he steal stars and put it in your eyes" or "heaven must be in chaos today because one of its angel were here in front of me".. DULLL DULL DULL AND DULL. do not attempt this or your just shorten both you and my life span.. just quick and simple will do "hello, let have a chat" or "hye" (and run a way)..

2. if she bought the 1st step, you have done the right solution, lead the conversation more to her side, not urs.. always bare in mind, it is her you are interested with, not you her interested with. if you both have a click with each other, then take this 2nd step as a booster for this quest. ask question more about her, "what her favorites dish?" or "what your panties color today?".. do not attempt something selfish like this "i have two brother and one sister, and my first brother really like to collect stamps while my second and my third (for 7 hour straight).." (try to run for Cuban prime minister and you might have a chance).

if she ask anything bout you, just answer what need to be answer, example :
Question :
Gurl : what your favourite dish ??

List of Possible answer :
Man : i like to eat meat, half cooked (2 marks) - this is simple
Man : i like to eat meat, grill, with extra ketchup and some seasoning, while the wood use must be really dry that u can get at lumber mill rite next to the fire-station on the first traffic light you see right now and turn right.. actually the one of the firefighter is my friend, we use to play together when we are child who have a really hot sis ... (straight for 7 hour)..... (-1000 marK) - you can throw your hand phone right away, becuase she are not calling you anymore..
Man : meat ( 0 mark ) - to simple and you can be friend with the man above
Man : meat, half cooked, and how bout you ? (4 mark) - asking back is something she sometimes hope because she might have a thing to talk to you about when she as that question.
Man : you know that diablo 3 will be realease soon ? (-100 marks) be wary on the question, you are just not concerntrating..
Man : you first and i will tell you later ... (-10 marks) - dun play hard to get on simple question
Man : astonishing beautiful, i like ur lips when you are talking - again, dun push you luck too far (marks depends on how easy the gurl is)
Man : i really like to eat you... mwahahahahaha (-547 marks) - if you see any wall beside you, start to smash your head like crazy and stop until she stop u because u need to start over again for step 1, with different gurl

3. Keep repeating process two and if the time is right.. do quest no 2..

the question is, are u ready to throw everything you have to achieve what you wants?
if your heart is empty, that what on your mind is useless...
if your mind is useless, what you done is meaningless..
if what you done is meaningless, whats the point of living..
if you dont have a point in living, dont u expect someone else want to give all their life to you ,
the beauty of love is not how romantic the play is,
but how meaningful the play is to you,
to have a meaningful play, have a useful mind,

to have a useful mind, have a good clean heart..
fill it with something like love, care, courage and bravery..

do not be scare, because every one is scare in this world,

but it takes two scared people to do one brave thing..

that brave thing is call "Fall in Love" - ^^ eb-epistles

to be continue....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

[Epistles] ORIGINS OF LOVE - PART 2 Evolution

Desire is wish, longing, aspiration. It’s a wish to have a better life, companion, confidence, seek for comfort. Longing for love is not only for people who haven’t or currently don’t have love, it is for people who already loved. We didn’t realize that there is people who love us out there. There a statistic that I learned since I was a kid which I believe up until now. “there is at least 5 people in this whole wide world think of you before they sleep”. So, it is not a matter of searching love from a new gurl we like, it is a matter of who are in love with us right now that we didn’t realize.

When we talk about love, let we expand our mind a bit and give family love, friend love, unknown rival love, secret admire love, animals love and what ever love that exist a chance. 5 people/non human who have glimpses of their mind about us before they sleep from one of those groups are too little. We at least think of two or three people before we sleeps and sometimes accidentally, we think about the people that we hates, our long lost friend, our clients, our bosses, our housemates or parents or pets before we sleeps. “what does he/she do right now”, “I hope I didn’t bump to him/her tomorrow”, “who created this mattress? Its so warm”, “the 7 eleven staff I met just now had a fight with the customer”, “those annoying bastard always annoyed everybody he talks to”, “let that guy rotten in hell” or “when will he die” or “I hope he die while he asleep” (example, and it is not what we usually thinks). It is funny when you think you are alone while you wouldn’t know who might have their thought upon u while they sleep. :)

It is not wrong to have desire for love. However what wrong is to let desire take pace of yourself. Many people lose their mind when they are in love, for a minor case some wandering in a deep day-dreams, sometimes suddenly smile, laugh, smirk, mumbling. Some does not eat, drinks cant stand a day without seeing their love one. Some go as far as stalking their “prey”. And all of that’s is how we let desire control us and we will end up doing stupid thing and to makes thing go better, we just say it is “in the name of love” or “because of love”. Well that’s is not love, that’s is desire and if we lose to this type of love. We might risk loosing thy.

How do I control my desire to her? Expressing my feeling to her is what I do. I don’t believe in “she might know from someone else” or “she have a 6th sense because she always do” or “she is my girlfriend/boyfriend, she should know what I want”. It is wrong!! Our partner or person that we like doesn’t know what we are thinking, they are not mind reader, yuri or George Michael. Expressing helps us control our desire to do anything that may return an awkward result. To be Continue….

Sunday, March 1, 2009

[Epistles] Origins of Love - part 1 introduction

i has been thinking lately, since there was so many love in the air, how does it start ? is it come from lust ? desire ? feeling ? touching ? or is it pure from the start ? so how actually love begins and why it should end ? while waiting for my favorites friend googles-chan to load the tags i search "origins of love", let me write about how do love start to grow in my heart. and what my opinion bout it.

since we are kids, we are expose to "human needs each other" we are born because of love or in malays "atas nama cinta, terlahir aku melihat dunia", but by the time we realize, we see love already made, we sees our parent, our grandparent, without knowing how it start, we experience what in the middle(marriage). there exist amongst us who already experience how love ends (divorce, death).

"love is only a feeling", sometimes i agreed with that and sometimes i'm not. The feeling includes happy, joy, fun, sad, despise, loath.. love is cruel, it play with our heart, however, love change who we are, love change how we think, how we live.. from cowardman to braveman, from shy to confidence.. we manage to go extra distance cause of love..

love sometimes can be a form of living thing, you need to care for it, really care for it, love could grows, could expands, could wither and sadly love to could die. heart who are in love are beautiful, nor rotten neither its dark. The tranquility shows from it, and those peace is what we seek in live. Thus, it is not to much to say that love should be our aspiration for living.

Friday, February 13, 2009

[Love Letter] Love and Cares

"Dancing - is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music ... " - mr wikipedia

it is sad because i dun really know how to dance, even a simple right and left movement of my head will fail my rhythm.. XD XD but what i do really know is who i want to dance with and who i really can pour my heart and soul fully into my dancing..

what really interest me while i'm watching shall we dance is this word from susan sarandon defining why we get married.. she said something like this -

" married is not because of passion, it is to proof our existence because of the promise that we would care for each other, care for everything " - susan sarandon (script writer: Masayuki Suo, Audrey Wells)
i couldn't agree more.. married is something to proof that we are willing to care towards someone. are you ready my dear? because to take care of you, is why i'm born to this world, faith has brought us together, and it is written on our destiny that you will find someone who really care for you, your health, your food, cloths, mood, everything, everything that you can imagine..

should someday you see me like ignoring you, then my love, that day is when my heart stop beating and my eyes are shut close.. however, i hope you remember this, even if my body shut, my love and cares for you are eternal, everlasting and forever..


Thursday, February 12, 2009

[Epistles & Love Letter] Love and Thought

definition of love to me is the feeling you hold so dear in you heart and in ur mind and without a doubt you execute those feeling into other medium. to show it the feeling you take any medium u dim suitable to your style. some show it by buying gift like flowers, furry toys, chocolate. Others likes to speak it out loud by flirting something nice, romantic or even other goes as far as saying nasty thing. Amongst them, there are people who turn the love feeling into musics, poetry, drawing and many other creative media exist.

to balance the love is like to balance yourself on a thin rope. one single mistake can cost you trouble, however once you hit your step right. she will be yours. some treat it like a game, some treat it seriously, while other let it come naturally.

as i research for the best lyrics or poet that i think suite the way i love her rite now, i came across something like below:

Why I Love You
by Hilary D Ray
"When you ask me why I love you, I don't know what to say.
I love every part of you in every single way. ..."
the question why you love me? is often asked to me however, to find the right answer is difficult. and i think my answer would be. there is no reason i love you because:
  1. if i love you because of your cuteness - i will not love you if you grew old
  2. if i love you because of your hair - i will not love you if you had a hair cut
  3. if i love you because of your intelligence - i will not love you if suddenly you are not
  4. if i love you because of your body - i will not love you if something happen to your body
  5. if i love you because of your talkativeness - i will not love you when you are sleeping
  6. if i love you because you love me - i will not love you when you hates me
  7. if i love you because of a reason - i will not love you when you dun have that reason
i really love you, from deep down of my heart, to be with you forever is what i long for. it became my aspiration, my goals of live to be with you. i will keep it no matter how hard it gets, no matter how tough the road ahead. i promise i endure it.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[Love Letter] Love and Hope

" if hope is a dim ray of light then let me bright it for u -
i hope to be with u

if cares is a way that seems so distinct then get closer to me -
i really cares for u

if lie is a sin that unforgiven for me to tell to you then let me tell you -
i speak only the truth

if nonsense is what i always act and do then let me explain to you -
my love is always saint

if harsh are always made u sad then smile for me -
i never mean any harm to you
if love is a subjective though of view then let me simplify for you -
i love u

cos you, is always my love, my ray of hope, my undying cares, only what truth to me..

our love will be forever my sweet marhsermerrow [^_^] "


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Under Heavy Construction

This blog is currently under construction and i will come back if i have enough time to finish it