Monday, April 20, 2009

[Love Letter] The Unforgiven

Shall I write you bundles lines of romance?
None will describe the whole tons of my feeling..
Shall I whisper you my happyness by being near you?
No words will be as equals as spoken within my heart
Shall my action be gentler in front of you?
None will surpass what I am doing behind you

If my words hurts you,
I hope u know that my throats bleed while I speak
If my action cold towards you,
I hope u realize that I feel like my heart currently are ripped out from my chest
If I ever see you cry because of me,
I hope u can see my bones crush inside of my body

Sometimes when I look at you,
I feel like thousands of arrow piercing my body
I feel weak, feel destroyed, and feel eternality pain…
Not because I hate you, because I hate myself
For what I did, for what I will do…

I know I wronged with so many wronged,
I deserve to be punished by all kind of punishment

I love you so much
I love you until every single word you say hurt me
I love you until I perish by every little thing u do
I love you until I wish I could …. love you more

If loving you mean decaying my days
Then let me at least love you until the end of it
If loving you mean destroying my body
Then let me at least love you just from my heart
If loving you is forever
Then let me at least be forever yours

What ever is takes, I like to tell you this
It hurt to be hated…
And what hurt me the most is..
To be hated by you


- the sinner, eb

Friday, April 10, 2009

[life hack] Art of Courtship - Introduction (for men)

Few years ago when i found this word "courtship", i wonders whats it mean, and why it is use
on "man courting woman". Is it becuase the woman done something illegal and the man have to
bring her to court for the misdone? as i came accross it usage in guild 2 (Damn Jowood!! why
dont u realease something that actually you can play without bug) a couple month ago. currently i am
move to write about courtship on what i learn and experience.

courting women means to win a woman affection towards oneself (read: man) and usually leads
to marriage. (see further explanation)

Requirement one is compulsory, do not attempt this with your friends or family..
you will make yourself look like cheap bastard flirt-rascalling with random gurls..

bare in mind, today world is not like some middle age year where white-horse-prince-with-a-shining-armor year, its a year where mind, wealth wins. so prepare the preemptive attack well.

1. have a light conversation, do not rush thing. saying something nice, sweet, memorable, unthinkable. for me, simple word will do the trick, dont push your luck to high with romance strike like "i think ur father is a theft because he steal stars and put it in your eyes" or "heaven must be in chaos today because one of its angel were here in front of me".. DULLL DULL DULL AND DULL. do not attempt this or your just shorten both you and my life span.. just quick and simple will do "hello, let have a chat" or "hye" (and run a way)..

2. if she bought the 1st step, you have done the right solution, lead the conversation more to her side, not urs.. always bare in mind, it is her you are interested with, not you her interested with. if you both have a click with each other, then take this 2nd step as a booster for this quest. ask question more about her, "what her favorites dish?" or "what your panties color today?".. do not attempt something selfish like this "i have two brother and one sister, and my first brother really like to collect stamps while my second and my third (for 7 hour straight).." (try to run for Cuban prime minister and you might have a chance).

if she ask anything bout you, just answer what need to be answer, example :
Question :
Gurl : what your favourite dish ??

List of Possible answer :
Man : i like to eat meat, half cooked (2 marks) - this is simple
Man : i like to eat meat, grill, with extra ketchup and some seasoning, while the wood use must be really dry that u can get at lumber mill rite next to the fire-station on the first traffic light you see right now and turn right.. actually the one of the firefighter is my friend, we use to play together when we are child who have a really hot sis ... (straight for 7 hour)..... (-1000 marK) - you can throw your hand phone right away, becuase she are not calling you anymore..
Man : meat ( 0 mark ) - to simple and you can be friend with the man above
Man : meat, half cooked, and how bout you ? (4 mark) - asking back is something she sometimes hope because she might have a thing to talk to you about when she as that question.
Man : you know that diablo 3 will be realease soon ? (-100 marks) be wary on the question, you are just not concerntrating..
Man : you first and i will tell you later ... (-10 marks) - dun play hard to get on simple question
Man : astonishing beautiful, i like ur lips when you are talking - again, dun push you luck too far (marks depends on how easy the gurl is)
Man : i really like to eat you... mwahahahahaha (-547 marks) - if you see any wall beside you, start to smash your head like crazy and stop until she stop u because u need to start over again for step 1, with different gurl

3. Keep repeating process two and if the time is right.. do quest no 2..

the question is, are u ready to throw everything you have to achieve what you wants?
if your heart is empty, that what on your mind is useless...
if your mind is useless, what you done is meaningless..
if what you done is meaningless, whats the point of living..
if you dont have a point in living, dont u expect someone else want to give all their life to you ,
the beauty of love is not how romantic the play is,
but how meaningful the play is to you,
to have a meaningful play, have a useful mind,

to have a useful mind, have a good clean heart..
fill it with something like love, care, courage and bravery..

do not be scare, because every one is scare in this world,

but it takes two scared people to do one brave thing..

that brave thing is call "Fall in Love" - ^^ eb-epistles

to be continue....