Thursday, September 3, 2009

[Epistles] Snow White And The Magic Mirror

Once upon a time there was a snow white who just wake from her deep slumber by a kiss from prince charming. she so happy once she open her eyes she see a very handsome prince right in front of her and all the dwarves overjoys as the curse is lifted

Hence, she goes back to the prince castle and live there.. and the story starts here.. the story about the magic mirror that cause all the trouble..

As soon as the magic mirror knows that Snow White’s cursed has been lifted.. he search with endlessly effort to be with the Snow White.. As he is not as perfect as he used to be, broken and smashed by the wrath of the dark witch, nevertheless, the strong will of his heart to be with Snow White never wither..

Day by days, weeks by weeks, he travel and travel, search and search for the whom he really adore in his entire life.. Finally in one night on the late falls, he finally find what he looking for, Snow White..

He begged for Snow White to accept him.. an old broken mirror who only good at talking somehow manages to win Snow White heart.. so she takes the mirror home with her, and hang him on her wall.. the mirror was so happy that time, he couldn’t ask more in his life..

Everyday gazing at the girl he adore, singing her beautiful melody and tells her how beautiful she look everyday. With simple thing like that, he manages to mend the cracked, and shine brighter that he used to be..

However Snow White thinks of the mirror not more than her property. She still plays with the dwarves.. she lives the days like she use to.. Without fail, the mirror keep adore Snow White for a very long times..

Come on days, the mirror realize what he was doing and his love for the Snow White nothing more than a love of a possession to his master.. the mirror feels like betray and decide to cast away all of his feeling and he starting to shut his mouth, day by days the number of adoring rhymes begins to fades.. Until one days, the mirror silence from all of the singing he use to sing in hope that Snow White realize what she has done, abandoning the one who really adore her..

During the second falls, Snow White realize changes about the mirror, he was not as joyful as he used to be, Snow White begins to worry as she missed all those beautiful rhyme she used to had, now becoming less and less and starting to disappear..

She ask the mirror,

“oh, magic mirror, why don’t you be like how you use to be”

Almost cry by the question, he realized that Snow White miss him, the mirror replied,

“nothing my dear, it just I’m very busy lately”

“oh magic mirror, don’t you be silly, how could a mirror like you being so busy ? “ ..

Since then, Snow White begin to change, she pays attention to the mirrors more. But it is too late for the magic mirror. His magic begin to fade, as the glass begins to cracked.. Snow White hunger for the sing, the jokes, the adoring the mirrors showered her.. the hunger turns to anger, she yells, she abuse the mirrors, she push him to do what he used to do.. the mirror did what he used to do but heartless.. As long as his princess is happy, he willing to takes all the Snow White anger.. however, Snow White fail to notice the mirror beginning to crack little by little..

As one night come the third falls since the mirror found her, his magic is near depleted.. he turning back as the first time he meets with Snow White.. he is no longer magical mirror, slowly becoming like an ordinary mirror.. and he say to the Snow White..

“I had showered you with all my kindness and my love, all I ask was a single appreciation, what should I do to earn yours Snowie ? “

“I have hang you on my wall, I have picked you from the dirty place you use to live, isn’t that enough to satisfy you?” …

“But Snowie, could you treat me gently, like a person that you love?”

“Don’t be silly, you are just a talking mirror.. Just do what you do best.. talking, could you say or sing something beautiful for me before I sleep.. isn’t that what your existence purpose?”

With the pale smile, and a broken feeling, the mirror gather all his might and magic, to sing Snow White one last song.. A very beautiful song that Snow White fell asleep with it..

And then the next day comes as Snow White wakes from her bed and she look on her wall, the mirror has gone, and what remains is the piece of the glass shatter on the floor..

Snow White realize that the mirror has gone forever.. as she gathered the broken glass, she accidentally cut her finger and bleed.. and she remember one of the rhyme that the mirrors sang to her last night..

“love is like collecting piece of broken glass,
Some people can collect all of them,
Some people can’t,
But while collecting them, there always someone who get hurt”- magic mirror