Tuesday, March 10, 2009

[Epistles] ORIGINS OF LOVE - PART 2 Evolution

Desire is wish, longing, aspiration. It’s a wish to have a better life, companion, confidence, seek for comfort. Longing for love is not only for people who haven’t or currently don’t have love, it is for people who already loved. We didn’t realize that there is people who love us out there. There a statistic that I learned since I was a kid which I believe up until now. “there is at least 5 people in this whole wide world think of you before they sleep”. So, it is not a matter of searching love from a new gurl we like, it is a matter of who are in love with us right now that we didn’t realize.

When we talk about love, let we expand our mind a bit and give family love, friend love, unknown rival love, secret admire love, animals love and what ever love that exist a chance. 5 people/non human who have glimpses of their mind about us before they sleep from one of those groups are too little. We at least think of two or three people before we sleeps and sometimes accidentally, we think about the people that we hates, our long lost friend, our clients, our bosses, our housemates or parents or pets before we sleeps. “what does he/she do right now”, “I hope I didn’t bump to him/her tomorrow”, “who created this mattress? Its so warm”, “the 7 eleven staff I met just now had a fight with the customer”, “those annoying bastard always annoyed everybody he talks to”, “let that guy rotten in hell” or “when will he die” or “I hope he die while he asleep” (example, and it is not what we usually thinks). It is funny when you think you are alone while you wouldn’t know who might have their thought upon u while they sleep. :)

It is not wrong to have desire for love. However what wrong is to let desire take pace of yourself. Many people lose their mind when they are in love, for a minor case some wandering in a deep day-dreams, sometimes suddenly smile, laugh, smirk, mumbling. Some does not eat, drinks cant stand a day without seeing their love one. Some go as far as stalking their “prey”. And all of that’s is how we let desire control us and we will end up doing stupid thing and to makes thing go better, we just say it is “in the name of love” or “because of love”. Well that’s is not love, that’s is desire and if we lose to this type of love. We might risk loosing thy.

How do I control my desire to her? Expressing my feeling to her is what I do. I don’t believe in “she might know from someone else” or “she have a 6th sense because she always do” or “she is my girlfriend/boyfriend, she should know what I want”. It is wrong!! Our partner or person that we like doesn’t know what we are thinking, they are not mind reader, yuri or George Michael. Expressing helps us control our desire to do anything that may return an awkward result. To be Continue….

Sunday, March 1, 2009

[Epistles] Origins of Love - part 1 introduction

i has been thinking lately, since there was so many love in the air, how does it start ? is it come from lust ? desire ? feeling ? touching ? or is it pure from the start ? so how actually love begins and why it should end ? while waiting for my favorites friend googles-chan to load the tags i search "origins of love", let me write about how do love start to grow in my heart. and what my opinion bout it.

since we are kids, we are expose to "human needs each other" we are born because of love or in malays "atas nama cinta, terlahir aku melihat dunia", but by the time we realize, we see love already made, we sees our parent, our grandparent, without knowing how it start, we experience what in the middle(marriage). there exist amongst us who already experience how love ends (divorce, death).

"love is only a feeling", sometimes i agreed with that and sometimes i'm not. The feeling includes happy, joy, fun, sad, despise, loath.. love is cruel, it play with our heart, however, love change who we are, love change how we think, how we live.. from cowardman to braveman, from shy to confidence.. we manage to go extra distance cause of love..

love sometimes can be a form of living thing, you need to care for it, really care for it, love could grows, could expands, could wither and sadly love to could die. heart who are in love are beautiful, nor rotten neither its dark. The tranquility shows from it, and those peace is what we seek in live. Thus, it is not to much to say that love should be our aspiration for living.