Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Siri Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] Couple or Trouble - Part 3 End


Once upon a time, in a land far far far away kingdom..
there life two lovely couple..
one is him and one is her..

they love each other like they will live for thousand years..
they sang, reads, talks, tales each other..
they play and play and play without caress about no other else..
they sulk completely in their own little happy world..

within their fun, one thing led to another, they slips..
his lust over her and her love over him..
desire wins against thought and thought lost against lust..

he jeopardize his relationship over a foolish act..
and the act brings her carrying a burden that she not really ready..
she didnt see it, he didnt catch it..
a piece of meat exist inside that gurl..
for she is sin with what she has done..
and he is gloom for what he has create..

so his body unable to move,
his mouth unable to talks..
he sit in his rooms with regrets..
forget to call her, forget to sees her..
he keep his despair all for his own

a life that is wise, that is beauty, that is cares for each other life..
think of unthoughtful things, do an undo able act..

she takes her steps, she put it on the bars..
she had her chicks wet..
she hold her belly, she close her eyes..
she jumps over a windows with what inside her..
she smash the ground with one dying words of whom she love..

his days are not the same without her..
there no more juliet, laila, aphrodite, venus or isabella..
he left alone with thousands of regrets..
what a lonely rabbits.. a lonely rabbits..

he grabs a rope, tight it to the fans..
he plan a chair below the hanging..
he eyes watered with sadness..
he couldnt bare looking at place he goes with her
he couldnt bare reminiscing her smile..
he couldnt bare silence phone, no rings, no calls..
he couldnt bare the sound of her echoing throughout his head, day and night..

he sad with every thought he thinks..
every breath he takes..
he couldnt smile.. he couldnt eat.. he couldnt sleep..
this is his last resort.. while the rope is put around his neck..
his whisper his peace to death that awaits him..
"shall all heaven hates me, and all hells burns me..
shall the god anger me, shall angel despise me..
let it be like that, as long as i could she her again..
my happyness will be complete..
i'm coming to where you go my love..

the end.. the end..

"it is beautiful, but mask with impurity,
it is fun, but shadowed with sorrow,
when it sad, people forget bout the happy,
because of it, we have hope for tomorrow..

while love is in the air,
and while we do it, we do it from our heart,
until we lost someone we care,
it to late to remember how its start..

so love like it is your first,
and treats them likes it your end.. " eb - epistles

p/s: wise brain, will not confirm a wise decision..

"whooaa~~ this is unexpectingly gloom~~ T_T" - tsukamoto tenma

Monday, June 1, 2009

[Siri Mari Tidur Bukak Lampu] Couple or Trouble - Part 2.1


malam yg sepi pi pi..
mamat jual roti ti ti..
roti yg enak nak nak...

jam baru menunjukkan pukul 10 malam.. tapi bangunan admin yg vintage (read:usang) terasa sunyi..
disebabkan ade kerja, terpaksela latipah (aku x pasti mak guard ke pekerje admin) stay back..
kesejukan melanda sampai ke tulang disebabkan dek air cond..
dalam kealfanaan (ade ke ayat nie) beliau membuat kerja, tetibe talipon berbunyik..

kringgg kringgg kringggg (sfx: bunyik tepon la, x kan bunyik loceng beskal)

latipah pun angkat ...
latipah : yelloww~
?????? : ......
latipah : yellowww, mei i no wu sepi king ? (may i know who speaking)
?????? : .......... haaa haaa (sfx: bunyik napas)
latipah : oittt, jangan main-main!!!
?????? : tttoolooongg!!!
latipah : nie sape ? ko jangan main-main bole x ?
?????? : tttoloonggg!!! toloongg aku!!!

pelepappp (sfx: latipah letak tepon)

kringgggg krinngggg krinnggg

latipah nekad, die x nak angkat tepon walau ape pun jadik,
die terus kemas barang-barang die untuk balik...
x sempat latipah nak membuka bunga untuk langkah seribu watson nyambek..
semua telipon kat admin berbunyik serentakkk


sekian, terime kasih

conclusion cite nie:
kalau stay kat opis memalam, off hand set, nanti ade orang call nanti