Friday, August 14, 2009

[Epistles] we are a freedom writer? are we?

we wrote so that people will read
and the freedom of writing seems to hate us
our word will never be from our heart

as a writer
I'm chained by thousand of restrictions..
I'm cuffed by angers, negative criticize and hated looks..
I do have my feeling for me let it go..
I do have my heart i need to burst..

cuffed my mind..
chain my heart..
as freedom is no longer mine..
and satisfaction is no longer my desire..
as it bound of restriction..

as the tears of a writer are not shows in the eyes..
it shows on its rusty pens..

since when i despise writing so much..
the memory of it seems so dim..

p/s: a full understanding of this articles is needed before questioning the authors..