Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[artwork] ride on!!!

by eb-epistles ~~

Monday, April 5, 2010

[Epistles] you can say fuck you and i can say that back at you

everything have an ending
whether it sad or happy
one will never know

life, it just a lie, a dreams, very long stupid dreams
or should i say, it a big fucked up game
i couldnt save it, couldnt load it either
dunno where the fucking checkpoint also

for me, i never wish i was born..
for what purpose ? or even for what reason ?
should i know what in store for me ?
i guess, even the wisest cant answer that ..

have faith, have faith, have faith, have faith, have faith !!!!
shall i seek faith, or shall faith came to find me ..
i'm in a very deep shit, lost.. how should i find the right path..

i believe in god.. and i believe in god promises..
one of that is every single soul that breath,
will stop breathing.. and when that day come..
where should i go ?? what should i do ??
why am i have to go through this ??

i think i'm not too good too be in heaven,
i think i'm not too evil too rot in hell either..

this uncertainty.. urghhhh~~

i had live for quarter century now ?
what has i done, what i'm going to do ?
just live to see the curve in others lips while
the curve just upside down in mine ?

in the end, i want to share something..
to someone that i know wont ever betray me..
i guess that someone is too much of a wish for me.. heh~
life is just a big fucking mess up that i have to go through..

i dont care about money!! give me thousands, millions ..
i dun have shit to buy, i dun have any interest ..
fuck if someone ask me what would i buy if i have a lot of money..
i cant think of anything.. i dun have desire over anything..
i dun have purpose.. i dun have reasons..

well, life is just a fucked up thing..
and it do suck the more i live in it~