Friday, February 13, 2009

[Love Letter] Love and Cares

"Dancing - is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music ... " - mr wikipedia

it is sad because i dun really know how to dance, even a simple right and left movement of my head will fail my rhythm.. XD XD but what i do really know is who i want to dance with and who i really can pour my heart and soul fully into my dancing..

what really interest me while i'm watching shall we dance is this word from susan sarandon defining why we get married.. she said something like this -

" married is not because of passion, it is to proof our existence because of the promise that we would care for each other, care for everything " - susan sarandon (script writer: Masayuki Suo, Audrey Wells)
i couldn't agree more.. married is something to proof that we are willing to care towards someone. are you ready my dear? because to take care of you, is why i'm born to this world, faith has brought us together, and it is written on our destiny that you will find someone who really care for you, your health, your food, cloths, mood, everything, everything that you can imagine..

should someday you see me like ignoring you, then my love, that day is when my heart stop beating and my eyes are shut close.. however, i hope you remember this, even if my body shut, my love and cares for you are eternal, everlasting and forever..


Thursday, February 12, 2009

[Epistles & Love Letter] Love and Thought

definition of love to me is the feeling you hold so dear in you heart and in ur mind and without a doubt you execute those feeling into other medium. to show it the feeling you take any medium u dim suitable to your style. some show it by buying gift like flowers, furry toys, chocolate. Others likes to speak it out loud by flirting something nice, romantic or even other goes as far as saying nasty thing. Amongst them, there are people who turn the love feeling into musics, poetry, drawing and many other creative media exist.

to balance the love is like to balance yourself on a thin rope. one single mistake can cost you trouble, however once you hit your step right. she will be yours. some treat it like a game, some treat it seriously, while other let it come naturally.

as i research for the best lyrics or poet that i think suite the way i love her rite now, i came across something like below:

Why I Love You
by Hilary D Ray
"When you ask me why I love you, I don't know what to say.
I love every part of you in every single way. ..."
the question why you love me? is often asked to me however, to find the right answer is difficult. and i think my answer would be. there is no reason i love you because:
  1. if i love you because of your cuteness - i will not love you if you grew old
  2. if i love you because of your hair - i will not love you if you had a hair cut
  3. if i love you because of your intelligence - i will not love you if suddenly you are not
  4. if i love you because of your body - i will not love you if something happen to your body
  5. if i love you because of your talkativeness - i will not love you when you are sleeping
  6. if i love you because you love me - i will not love you when you hates me
  7. if i love you because of a reason - i will not love you when you dun have that reason
i really love you, from deep down of my heart, to be with you forever is what i long for. it became my aspiration, my goals of live to be with you. i will keep it no matter how hard it gets, no matter how tough the road ahead. i promise i endure it.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[Love Letter] Love and Hope

" if hope is a dim ray of light then let me bright it for u -
i hope to be with u

if cares is a way that seems so distinct then get closer to me -
i really cares for u

if lie is a sin that unforgiven for me to tell to you then let me tell you -
i speak only the truth

if nonsense is what i always act and do then let me explain to you -
my love is always saint

if harsh are always made u sad then smile for me -
i never mean any harm to you
if love is a subjective though of view then let me simplify for you -
i love u

cos you, is always my love, my ray of hope, my undying cares, only what truth to me..

our love will be forever my sweet marhsermerrow [^_^] "


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Under Heavy Construction

This blog is currently under construction and i will come back if i have enough time to finish it